Mrs. Brightside

Brian Horn, editor,
Lawn & Landscape

Every month here at Lawn & Landscape, we try to provide you with content that will help you run a more successful business. This month, we have a stories on fuel management, equipment to improve your irrigation operation and much more — all of which will keep you looped into industry trends and give you some tips on how to be a better business operator.

But for our cover story, we are mixing it up a little and focusing on something that happened outside of the office or a jobsite, and how you could approach it.

Sharon Wise, who is integral in helping her son, Josh, and his company succeed, was diagnosed with cancer.

While some may become dejected and, understandably, feel sorry for themselves, that’s clearly not Wise’s approach.

One quote really stood out to me in the story, which is why part of it’s on the cover.

“We all have control of only one thing — our attitude,” Sharon says. (How do) we react to any given situation? I choose joy.”

As a born pessimist, I am always a bit jealous of people with that type of attitude. When we hear stories of someone getting a serious illness or someone hitting a rough patch, it’s sometimes a reminder that our problems could be worse.

As I write that last sentence, I hear myself telling someone like Sharon that statement, and her coming back with a rebuttal that she could have it worse and everyone should maintain positivity, no matter how difficult that may be.

I’m sure Sharon has her down moments. She’s human — we all would. As you work your way through your issues on the job, you will have to make hard decisions and a positive attitude doesn’t solve everything.

But if a negative outlook is on one shoulder and in your ear, and a positive outlook is on the other, think about what Wise said and choose joy.

Brian Horn

February 2023
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