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More and more companies are embracing technology throughout the green industry.

About this survey: Lawn & Landscape surveyed readers in April 2022. The results are based on approximately 175 respondents.

The green industry continues to, in certain areas, embrace technology to run more efficient companies. One area that showed growth was battery-powered equipment with 13% more landscapers saying they use it compared to last year’s report. Another area of growth was use of online marketing, which grew from 44% to 53%. However, in some cases, our 2022 Technology report show a step back like with mobile technology use dropping from 79% to 74%.

What was your 2021 revenue?

Under $200,000: 25%

$200,000 - $299,999: 5%

$300,000 - $499,999: 9%

$500,000 - $699,999: 6%

$700,000 - $999,999: 7%

$1 - $1.9 million: 12%

$2 - $3.9 million: 10%

$4 - $6.9 million: 7%

$7 million or more: 9%

Which of the following do you use at your company?

Business/accounting software: 82%

Mobile technology -- apps; smartphones: 74%

Social media: 69%

Electric/Battery-powered equipment: 54%

Online marketing: 53%

Search engine optimization: 47%

GPS software/equipment: 46%

Design software: 42%

Drones: 16%

Robomowers: 6%

How would you describe your company’s use of technology and software compared to your competition?

Advanced: 26%

In line with my competition: 41%

Behind but catching up: 26%

Behind and staying that way: 7%

Do you feel the technology or software you use as a company makes you more attractive to potential customers?

Yes: 63%

No: 37%

Respondent comments:

"Target demographic is no longer 55, it’s 35 and they are technological. You have to “meet them where they live.”

"I believe clients these days are looking to work with companies that are quick at turning around estimates and have great ways to communicate."

"Having an online portal, digital proposals and invoices, and an interactive website creates a great customer experience."

"No, ours doesn’t but I think that this is a true statement. We are just on an older outdated software."

"By having technology manage our scheduling/estimating/invoicing we come across as an advanced landscape company that cares about how we manage these key elements of our business."

"I feel like parts of our technology package are more attractive to potential customers, but I feel like our main operations software is antiquated and makes us look like all the rest of our competition and many times less attractive than our competitors to our potential customers."

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