Baton B2B Referrals awarded as top startup

The company has been named the 2022 Silicon Slopes Startup of the Year.

Baton B2B Referrals, a web platform for home services companies to refer customers to each other, has been named the 2022 Silicon Slopes Startup of the Year.

Silicon Slopes is a technology community based in Utah, United States, that is focused on promoting the growth and development of the technology industry in the region.

Founded in late 2019 by Phil Kirkeiner and Cody Barbour, Baton has amassed a network of over 200 pest and wildlife companies from around the country. Though initially focused on pest control, Baton has increasingly begun to attract companies in other related service verticals as well, and have begun expansion into those, such as lawn care and snow removal. 

"We are honored to be recognized as one of Utah’s top startups," Kirkeiner said. He's the CEO of Baton. "Our mission has always been to help service companies grow their businesses through referrals, and this award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and partners around the country."

"Baton's unique approach to lead generation and referrals is changing the game for home services companies," Barbour, the chief operating officer, said. "We're excited to see where the future takes us and to continue to provide value and connection to our customers."

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