PlanIT Geo joins Waverock Software

PlanIT Geo provides management and planning tools that help clients improve the quality of life of their constituents.

PlanIT Geo, an urban forestry software and consulting services, was acquired by Waverock Software, an enterprise software operating company. Support for urban forestry as essential infrastructure in liveable, climate resilient cities has skyrocketed over the past few years. Waverock’s growth investment and long-term access to capital and resources bolsters PlanIT Geo’s ability to meet the rapidly growing demand for smarter, more equitable green asset management.

Unprecedented federal investment, rising average temperatures, and development-driven deforestation, are all accelerating demand for green spaces in urban areas. PlanIT Geo is well positioned to address these needs by providing valuable management and planning tools that help clients improve the quality of life of their constituents. This acquisition and growth investment has strengthened that position.

Waverock Software specializes in acquiring and scaling market-leading software companies by providing long-term capital and operational expertise. Waverock’s team of former and active software and technology executives has substantial experience growing software organizations. PlanIT Geo’s technology, impressive list of marquee customers and partners, and mission-driven culture proved to be a perfect fit for Waverock’s vision.

“We were looking for a partner that shared our values, was growth-minded, savvy, and believes in the tremendous value of greening communities through trees and technology. We found that home in Waverock Software and are elated for this next phase of our story to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.” says Ian Hanou, PlanIT Geo founder & CEO.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ian and the team at PlanIT Geo, and to support the company over a long term. With over 83% of Americans and 75% of Europeans living in urban centers, the importance of green spaces within cities will grow and will receive increased funding. We feel fortunate to be joining forces with a technology and thought leader in this space.” says Mike Rozenfeld, CEO of Waverock Software.


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