Employee of the year

We're proud to introduce the 2022 Employee of the year honorees! You can read all about Isabel Trevino, Brandon Vannest, Calvin Bradley and Kristy Clark in our December issue!

2022 Employee of the Year Winners:

Isabel Trevino: An ear to bend

Brandon Vannest: Super-sub to superstar

Calvin Bradley: Captivate and engage

Kristy Clark: Every little detail

2021 Employee of the Year Winners:

Sean Blair: A compassionate coach

Alex Heffelmire: Back where he belongs

Lauren Morales: All in the family

2020 Employee of the Year Winners:

Rafael Garcia • Grasshoppers: One in a million

Orlando Chavez • Executive Property Maintenance: A calling to care

Carlos Garcia • Landscape Elements ND: Wise beyond his years

2019 Employee of the Year Winners:

2018 Employee of the Year Winners:

Follow the leader
Job done 'Wright'
Lifelong learner
Just in time

Nominate someone!

We want to hear about the best employees in the landscaping and lawn care industry. Fill out the questions below and the Lawn & Landscape staff and its Market Insight Council will review and choose 3 winners for a profile in a future issue. The deadline has passed for 2021, but stay tuned for an update on next year's submissions!

This contest is open only to employees who work for landscaping and lawn care service providers. Please limit 1 entry per company. 

Email Editor Brian Horn at bhorn@gie.net with any questions.

We will choose a few winners from the entries we receive and interview them for stories in a future issue of Lawn & Landscape.

You can nominate any employee who works for your company – crew members, office workers, foremen, etc.